Taterthon !

Our Taterthon project has been suspended for now. While we LOVE teaching kids about growing potatoes, we need more help from parents in getting participants to complete and submit their science notebooks so that we don't waste our resources. If you are in RI and you want to collaborate with us to improve this project, please reach out to shannon.donovan at scituateschoolsri.net.

     Where does your food come from? Does it grow in your back yard or does it get shipped from hundreds or thousands of miles away? The choices you make about your food have a big impact on energy use and the environment. By eating locally grown food, you save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions which contributes to climate change.

     So, to help get more people involved in local food production, we created  Taterthon!

     How does it work? Any child in grades K-5 in Rhode Island may participate. Students working in partnership with the Scituate High School NEED Club will receive seed potato to begin their growing season. They will also receive a science notebook in which they must document their potato growing project. Notebooks will be scored on their thoroughness and creativity. By September 30th, all participants should harvest their potato crop from the plants started from the seed potato received in the spring (this one potato may be cut into multiple pieces in order to grow multiple plants). Students must document their harvest through drawings, paintings, or photographs. Awards will be given in several categories. The school whose students grow the most potatoes will also receive a prize. All scientific notebooks must be submitted to the SHS NEED club by September 30th.

     By learning to grow a successful garden, you are helping to restore our local foodshed, saving energy, reducing your personal contribution to climate change, and growing healthy food for your family.

If you are a student (or parent or teacher of a student) in RI in grades K-5 and you would like to participate, let us know how we can get you the materials below. Full classroom sets of materials are also available. Teachers can also contact us through the form below. Parents & teachers must come to SHS to pick up materials or make other arrangement with us to get the materials.

Here are some resources with tips and ideas for growing your potatoes: